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Monique Goosen - Caxtons "René is the most organized person I have ever met. Her workflow is seamless. She is professional, dynamic, resourceful, precise, and creative. Her work ethics are up there with her high morals. She is trustworthy and kind. She is positive with high energy levels. She is a pleasant person to be around, and she really cares. René is truly inspirational."

Dianne Fraser - Creative Solutions "René is a born leader and her success at managing her business speak volumes for itself. Her entrepreneurial skills and innovative ideas have resulted in many successful publications in the printing and publishing industry. Her expertise in this field is displayed in her final products which are of superb quality. She is one of a dying breed in the industry who still shows an eye for detail and perfection. René was the founder, creator and editor of Future Bride and The BEST of series. In comparison with many people I have worked with over the years, I can honestly say that René is the hardest working person I have ever come across in my life. Along with her professionalism, her exuberance and passion hold her in good stead for any projects she puts her hand to in the future. I have worked under Rene's leadership for 15 years and am honoured to be part of her organisation."         

Lauren Spencer - Owner at Lime Communications "René is one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with. She is committed to absolute perfection in everything she does. She is also someone who doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make something happen. Her hands on approach to business and her desire to exceed expectations are nothing short of exceptional. "

Lyn Haller - PE "I worked closely with René and assisted her with the marketing of many of her brochures. The quality of her work and her professionalism is outstanding and she is a super person to work for. She is so diverse in her expertise thus making it easy to discuss all aspects of compiling brilliant and resourceful information which she has done in all her publications. I highly recommend René and her work to anyone in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. "

Ingrid (Fraser) Gane - Retired Enthusiast at Cape Town Photographic Society "René always produced the highest quality of perfection in her work. You could rely on her to be ethical, on time and customer service was a priority. She is dedicated to her work and comes highly recommended."

Marie Gibbons - Sales Executive at A C Braby "I would like to state that I have known Rene Hartslief for the past 33 years. We were colleagues at Intratex and for the past few years we have worked together in her company - Creative Solutions. I would describe her as being at the top of her game and the sort of person who would work round the clock if necessary in order to meet deadlines. I have no qualms whatsoever in assigning her to do any job, which would be done in an efficient and a professional manner. "

Fiona Fryer - Executive Consultant at Azalea Promotions "I have known René Hartslief for nearly 17 years during which time she was briefly my employer and then a service provider. During this time I have found René to be a person of great honesty and integrity which is very evident in the way she conducts her business. I have not met anyone who is as passionate and driven about what they do, as René is. She tackles projects with contagious enthusiasm and energy and is an eternal optimist. Her creativity makes her an outstanding photographer. She is fiercely loyal and trusting which sometimes results in her being taken advantage of by ruthless and dishonest people."

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